Silk Mask Care



  • I highly suggest hand washing your mask with a gentle detergent and letting it air dry. I personally recommend the Woolite delicates hypoallergenic liquid detergent. If need be, washing on a delicates cycle and tumble drying on low works too.
  • Please gauge the cleanliness of your mask after each use to figure out when to wash and alternate your masks. Paying attention to collected makeup, oil and dirt.
  • I also recommend after hand washing and rinsing your mask, using Lysol laundry sanitizer and adding a capful to cold water and washing again as a final sanitizing wash. And then rinsing.  This is a great product you can also use for all your laundry sanitizing needs.
  • This mask is not to be used for hospital settings or by medical professionals. N95 and surgical masks are always preferred. In the event you have to be in a hospital setting, I suggest wearing a surgical or N95 mask over your silk mask as a way to stay fully protected in those environments.