Say goodbye to maskne! Our one of a kind anti-acne silk mask is woven with silver, as the ultimate luxury mask for your skin. Ordinary masks retain bacteria and transfer it back onto your skin, causing breakouts. Silver threads are intricately woven into each mask, helping eradicate acne causing bacteria, assisting in keeping your skin clear from breakouts. While mulberry silk, unlike cotton, is used to retain moisture and not dry out your skin. Leaving your skins moisture levels balanced throughout the day. 

      Mulberry silk is the highest quality of silk there is. Because the silkworms are fed mulberry leaves, the quality of the silk threads are softer and more refined. Mulberry silk is 100% odorless, 100% natural and 100% hypoallergenic. Making it the perfect choice for people who suffer from allergies and asthma. (Patent Pending 2021, SolRay Media LLC.)

      In consideration of COVID-19, mask are non-returnable.



      • I highly suggest hand washing your mask with a gentle detergent and letting it air dry. I personally recommend the Woolite delicates hypoallergenic liquid detergent. If need be, washing on a delicates cycle and tumble drying on low works too.
      • Please gauge the cleanliness of your mask after each use to figure out when to wash and alternate your masks. Paying attention to collected makeup, oil and dirt.
      • I also recommend after hand washing and rinsing your mask, using Lysol laundry sanitizer and adding a capful to cold water and washing again as a final sanitizing wash. And then rinsing.  This is a great product you can also use for all your laundry sanitizing needs.
      • This mask is not to be used for hospital settings or by medical professionals. N95 and surgical masks are always preferred. In the event you have to be in a hospital setting, I suggest wearing a surgical or N95 mask over your silk mask as a way to stay fully protected in those environments.


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